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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Perfect love: Son with ‘missed you’ card for mom gets flying chappal in return; Watch | viral News

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New Delhi: A mother’s love knows no boundaries and most of the time, they don’t know how to express that love and make use of usual objects like brooms, rollers and chappals of course. (Crying in the corner)

One such unexpected outcome of a mother’s love has taken the internet by storm and trust us; Indians are going to reckon with this video more than anyone.

In this viral video, shared by a Palestinian-American Anwar Jibawi a few days, we can see the actor waiting for his mother in the airport with an adorable ‘We Missed You’ placard and a bouquet of flowers, but what you are going to love is his mother reaction.

As the camera pans towards Jibawi’s mother, who is presumably upset at him for something, can be seen taking out her chappal (slipper) and start beating the actor with no care in the world at all.

Here’s the hilarious video!

The flowers and placard drop on the floor as Anwar tries to escape his mother’s chappal.

“My mom is back!” Anwar wrote in the video’s caption.

Well, the video, which was bound to get viral, received an overwhelming response from the netizens. The video has been liked by more than 6 million users.

The comment section of the video is ripe with resonating, hilarious comments.

The perfect way to show her love, wrote one user.

I laugh every time, said another.

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