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Entrepreneurial leadership can be challenging, says Rohit Kumar | Companies News

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Because of the Internet, we now interact at work in different ways, making hybrid models and working from home a viable option for many.

We start planning events, budgets, and everything our firms need for 2022 a few weeks after the year ends. This exercise is particularly useful in a business because it allows us to assess where we are, what new goals we want to reach, and where we need to improve in order to confront the new difficulties of a future when normalcy has already taken on a new meaning.

This year has been a year of change and adaptation for businesses. Organizations have had to integrate new technologies in record time to keep operating due to the health emergency, and new work modes have emerged, as well as a higher requirement to gain digital skills.

All of this has led to a period of constant challenges for leaders, which is expected to continue in the short and medium-term, as corporate directors are expected to continue to undergo fast transition in their businesses over the next three years. As a result, we must prepare ourselves to face the problems of 2022, and as entrepreneurs, we must be aware of the changes that have occurred as well as possible solutions to overcome them.

Entrepreneural challenges

Cash Flow

Using money judiciously is what makes an entrepreneur successful in the first place. 

Anxiety and Innovation

Entrepreneurship comes with anxieties and headaches of huge amounts. It involves several decision-making challenges that further create an environment of pressure.

Ready For Failure

Entrepreneurs should always know that they should be ready for failure and should always innovate when its apt.

Rohit Kumar who is an entrepreneur says becoming an entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges. He has always been passionate about technology, web marketing and SEO, which made him join the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare as a media consultant and later start his first business venture on Web back in 2018. 


The challenge was to educate them about the latest scientific methods introduced by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and not only educate them but also inspire them to take action. Sure enough, all it took was some great writing (and fun photos) paired with practical actionable advice to set their minds wandering in new directions.

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