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VicKat to Virushka: Are you the carrier of these strange wedding hashtags? | People News

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It’s understandable that the fans, and they are in millions, would want to celebrate the wedding of their favourite stars in all its glory. They would also like to make it memorable for others, and thus they create hashtags.

Though it’s doubtful who actually makes these hashtags trend! But the benefit of doubt can be given to the celebrities that they sometimes might not know about the hashtags being trended in their names. But can it actually happen when it comes to a pre-planned event like a wedding?

You can still put the blame on ever-working PR machinery that likes to control the narrative in every manner possible. We have seen stars accused of big crimes turning into the most beloved people on social media overnight. We have also seen stars losing their calm on being cornered within their fraternity by their own people. There were also stars who lost projects one after the other for not toeing the line.

In short, they’re what their public image is! Nothing beyond that.

So, a wedding comes with another grand opportunity for show of strength, especially if either of the couple is a recognisable name. To create a virtual crowd is much easier than organising a real one, so why not? If both partners are famous then it’s a collaboration of resources. After all, the hype around their wedding will help them sell the rights to exclusive pictures and videos.

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From Instagram influencers to big shot photographers, a whole battery is there to amplify the message, and they get the benefit out of it. Based on this frenzy, the media, mostly digital and partly electronic, attract more viewership. Basically, the same photo or video keeps circulating via various mediums and reaches the end-user.

Stars, in return, keep getting bigger in the eyes of the potential audience. After all, they were recently in the news. Who cares how their last film fared or were they any good even in the last commercial they acted in!

They probably don’t earn much from their films, but from the endorsements they get on the basis of their social presence. Instagram Reels has its own parallel economy where influencers and stars keep feeding off each other. The so-called authentic film journalism has anyway taken a backseat and it’s mostly about promotion now, so nobody raises any question on this insatiable need for publicity.

So, be it Saifeena or Nehupreet or Nickyanka or DeepVeer or even weirder ones like Raalia, you need to see through the clutter and ask yourself whether you’re fine with becoming just another carrier of these hashtags.

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