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IPL 2022: Here’s why Virat Kohli was not picked by Delhi Daredevils in 2008, former COO explains | Cricket News

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Virat Kohli may have quit the Royal Challenges Bangalore (RCB) captaincy but he continues to be their key player as reflected during the IPL retentions. Kohli is one of the players RCB have retained as the former captain himself said that he would like to play till the end of his IPL career for the franchise.

Kohli was drafted into RCB side in 2008. How he got picked to play for RCB is also an interesting story. There was a big chance that Kohli could have landed up at Delhi Daredevils. 

What’s the story?

Amrit Mathur, who was the COO at Delhi Daredevils back then, had gone to the venue where all India Under-19 players were to be picked via a draft. IPL auctions was held for all other players but the tournament organisers felt that it would be a huge risk to put these young U-19 kids into auctions as big money so early in their life could have ruined them.

Hence, a separate draft was held for them and all 8 franchises were called in to pick their choice of players. 

Daredevils got the first chance to pick a player and they let go Kohli. Instead, they went for Pradeep Sangwan. Now, in hindsight, it appears to be the worst decision taken by the Delhi franchise, maybe the worst of all times.

However, Mathur, who revealed this story in 22 Yarns podcast, said, “All our bases were covered and we just needed a left-arm pacer so we went for Pradeep Sangwan. The idea was also to invest in these young players as no one expected them to shine at IPL stage from the word go. Who knew Kohli would become such a big star. At that time, it was a decision based on logic.”

So, this is how close Kohli was to playing for Delhi Daredevils. Eventually, he went to RCB and now he has made up his mind to play all his IPL cricket over there.

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