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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Best of 2021: Google Photos introduce Memories collection for users | Technology News

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New Delhi: Have you already been storing your images on Google Photos? You might see the “Best of 2021” Memories collection of photos soon, if you haven’t done it already, reveals a 9To5Google report.

The AI will select photographs from January of this year that it believes are relevant enough to be included in this collection and display them as you load the app.

According to the report, the photographs are displayed without a precise date order, and some of them may not be the ones you want to see in a collection like this. This year, Google has doubled the amount of Memories collections, with more targeted personalisations for users. This results in photo stories that appear at the top of the Photos app on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

If you’ve stopped backing up your images on Google Photos, it’s likely that certain photo collections may still appear at the top, such as collections from a year ago, two years ago, or even three years ago, depending on how long you’ve been backing up your photos.

Regardless of how the AI chooses the photographs, you should check through the collection if you’ve been uploading the majority of your smartphone photos to the Photos app this year. You might be pleasantly pleased if the app pulls up a favourite memory from the previous year.

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