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What’s happening Shashi? Netizens have a field day as Tharoor makes a typo | India News

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Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, who often baffles people with new, never-heard-before English terms and puts us all to shame, has made a spelling error in one of his latest tweets.

In a Twitter post on Australia vs England test matches, Tharoor while expressing his dissatisfaction towards the umpiring that happened during the series, mistakenly wrote empire in place of umpires and the internet users are having a field day ever since.

“That’s pretty atrocious umpiring. Interesting that all those who cribbed about umpiring errors in the Tests against New Zealand didn’t give our empires and technology credit for avoiding such gaffes,”

While it’s pretty clear that the goof up is nothing more than a typo, the all-time exasperated netizens finally got an opportunity to troll the Kerala lawmaker on his English.

“Did you make a spelling mistake? Empires=>Umpires,” wrote one user in the comment section.

Another user asked Tharoor for a treat for finding a mistake in his tweet.

“It’s umpire , not empire Thinking face . You owe me a treat for finding a mistake in ur tweetFace with tears of joy Shashi ji,” the user wrote.

‘Empire’ should always be credited otherwise it will strike back..” wrote another social media user.

“My dream come true, it is umpire not empire…, your humble copy editor,’ another wrote.

“Empires??? What is happening Shashi? Asked another concerned follower.

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