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THIS YouTuber got millions of views through videos, here’s how | Technology News

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‘Dreams come true when passion finds its path,’ they say. Meet Bharat Singh, a.k.a. Badge 99, who is well-known on the internet. Online gaming has become a craze these days, and yes, Generation X is accustomed to it. Many people have become famous as a result of their social media gaming videos. YouTube is the ideal place to do all of these things.

Bharat Singh, nicknamed Badge 99, is a popular YouTuber who is also a young, dynamic, and multi talented gamer. He has his own YouTube channel, ‘Badge 99,’ which currently has 8.19 million subscribers and is growing by the day. He is also a Free-Fire player with millions of views and likes on his videos.

According to a report, Bharat Singh is a 21-year-old player who aspires to pursue a career in online gaming. He has been interested in playing internet games since he was a child. His curiosity and zeal wouldn’t let him sit still, so on January 8, 2016, he launched his YouTube account. He preserved the channel name ‘Badge 99’ because the number 99 has always been his favourite since he was a child.

Bharat Singh’s YouTube channel was created with the intention of entertaining others. He also wants to set an example for future gamers by telling their parents that gaming can be a lucrative career if done with pure enthusiasm and effort. “I want to be an entertainer who can make you happy every day through games,” he says. Gaming is my passion, and I have put in a lot of effort to achieve it. I want to teach newcomers that if you have the desire to succeed in gaming and are willing to work hard for it, no one can stop you from becoming renowned. So, the real slogan is hard labour!”

Bharat Singh has said that he will be making his OTT debut in one of the main parts. He is an excellent actor and thus has a perfect opportunity to make his OTT debut. Bharat is currently working hard on his YouTube 10 Million Diamond Play Button. 


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