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Want to schedule WhatsApp messages? Here’s how to do it | Technology News

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New Delhi: WhatsApp continues to roll out new features to improve the messaging experience for its users. One of the most significant features that consumers demand on the app is the ability to schedule WhatsApp conversations. WhatsApp does not support it. This function allows you to plan a message ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on critical messages just because you forgot. The WhatsApp function that allows users to schedule messages can be quite handy in ensuring that they do not forget to send birthday or anniversary greetings on time. Unfortunately, this feature is not available to users of the instant messaging app.
Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

To use the Schedule messaging feature, you’ll need to find a different solution, which entails downloading a third-party app that’s tied to WhatsApp. You may utilise the scheduling message feature on Android and iOS with other third-party apps. SKEDit, an Android software that schedules messages in a simple manner, is one such app.

Schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone

However, there is no such third-party software for iOS users. But don’t be concerned! We’ve got a solution for that as well.

The Siri Shortcuts app is the answer! You simply need to download it and open it on your iPhone.

– Go to the Automation tab.

– Create personal automation by tapping the Plus symbol.

– Choose a time of day when you want your automation to run. Choose a date and time here.

Then tap Add Action and type text from the list of actions into the search bar.

– Then, below the text area, tap the Plus icon to seek for WhatsApp and input your message that you wish to schedule.

– Choose the recipient, then touch Next, and then Done.

Your message has been successfully scheduled!

WhatsApp Away messages feature

WhatsApp’s “Using Away Messages” feature is only available to Business accounts and can be used to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time. What is the best way to use it? Take a look at the steps below.

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp and select the “More” option.

Step 2: Under Business Tools, select Away Messages.

Step 3: Turn on the Send away message feature, then tap on the message to customise it with the text you want.

Step 4: After that, click Ok and schedule it. You have the options of Always, Custom schedule, and outside of business hours under the schedule.

Step 5: You’ll have to choose between: Everyone, Everyone Not in Address Book, Everyone Except…, and Only Send to… under recipients.

Step 6: It should be saved.

You can now send the messages at a pre-determined time.

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