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THIS YouTuber got more than 6 million subscribers recently, here’s how | Technology News

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In the current context, the online gaming sector has gained a special place amongst the kids, with Free Fire and PUBG action games as some of the favourites. Free Fire has a large player base in India and is one of the most popular games, which has probably led to an increase in content development in an ever-changing gaming environment. Meet Sampath Rai, one of India’s most popular YouTubers and gamers recognised for his outstanding gameplay and talents. His YouTube channel, ‘RaiStar,’ is currently trending, with over 6 million subscribers.

When Free Fire was released in 2017, Sampath became engrossed in the game, and he lost all interest in his schoolwork as a result. “I lost interest in studies, found it dull, and now I just want to play games,” a report quoted Sampath as saying.

“Coming from a family where everyone is a government official, no one originally backed me,” Sampath laments. His parents and family members chastised him for his inattention to his schoolwork. But, because Sampath was enthusiastic about gaming and wanted to make a great name for himself in the gaming world, he decided to enter the realm of YouTube.

RaiStar began his YouTube channel with just one subscriber, and now has a staggering 6.16 million subscribers, with the number continuing to rise with each passing day. Sampath also has a YouTube channel called ‘Rai Live,’ where he uploads gameplay videos on a regular basis. With 2.4 million subscribers, the channel is on the rise.


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