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Massive fire broke out at BJP-ruled MCD’s Bhalswa landfill; piles of trash endangering passersby: AAP | India News

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New Delhi: In another testament of BJP-ruled MCD’s incompetence a massive fire broke out at its Bhalswa Landfill yesterday, informed AAP Senior Leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak. He said that piles of trash fell down endangering passersby.

He added that the only thing BJP has delivered in its 15 year long rule of the MCD is the gift of three life threatening mountains of garbage. He said that BJP is the culprit of the distress faced by Delhiites and is repeatedly bringing shame to the state.

He stressed on the plight of those living around the garbage mountains being abysmal and said that the BJP is carelessly playing with their lives. He reiterated that Delhiites will avenge BJP’s corruption, loot, shamelessness and tyranny by throwing them out of the MCD in the next elections.

Durgesh Pathak said, “In the last fifteen years the BJP has given three humongous gifts to the people of Delhi in form of the three infamous garbage mountains. These mountains look so hideous that it brings shame and disrespect to the people of the state. While acknowledging this, we must not forget the plight of those living in a 5km radius around these trash mountains.”

He added, “Every now and then we get to hear how fires break out in these landfills. Yesterday, a massive fire engulfed a significant portion of the Bhalswa landfill. Because of this unfortunate event piles of garbage fell down around the landfill causing great agony to the residents. Such fires intensely pollute the environment and turn fatal for those living near the region.”

He continued, “It’s God’s blessing that no casualty occurred yesterday. This could’ve prices to be extremely dangerous. The BJP has horribly ridiculed the well-being of Delhiites. It is because of them that our heads hang in shame.”

Delhiites will avenge the suffering BJP has inflicted upon them, they will avenge the incessant corruption that has looted the public for fifteen long years. The people will hold the BJP responsible for all their misdeeds, for their garbage mountains, for the disregard of public welfare and throw them out of the MCD in the next elections,” said AAP senior leader.

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