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iPhone Tips: Here’s how to turn on flashlight with a touch | Technology News

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New Delhi: Apple iPhone users who have had their phone for a long time should be familiar with the most of the basic features that iOS provides. Other iPhone tips and techniques, on the other hand, are unknown and remain concealed. One of these iPhone hacks is the ability to turn on the torch with just one tap. So, when it comes to turning on the flashlight on an Apple iPhone, most users are familiar with the traditional method, which takes far longer. The aim is to press the flashlight symbol in the bottom left corner of the lock screen in this old method. Another option is to go to the control centre and turn on and off the iPhone’s flashlight. Don’t forget about Siri as well! Ask Siri for assistance when you need it! Yes, your voice assistant can even turn on the flashlight for you. You can, however, activate it.

We’re talking about how to use the iPhone’s back panel, which can be used for a variety of things, including turning on the flashlight without touching the screen. What is the mechanism behind it? It’s as easy as tapping on it. Users should be aware that the feature is only available on iPhone 8 and newer devices.

Rear panel option to switch on the iPhone flashlight

– To use the rear panel option, first go to Settings on your iPhone.

– Then, scroll down and touch on the ‘Accessibility’ option.

– Click on the ‘Touch’ option under the Physical and Motor option.

– The Back Tap option can be found there. Simply click on it.

– It will ask you to choose between ‘double tap’ and ‘triple tap.’ Select how you wish to utilise the functionality.

– Under System, select Torch.

And it’s finished! The only thing you need to do now is tap on the rear panel twice or three times to activate your iPhone’s flashlight. It will still work if you have a protective case on your iPhone. Aside from the flashlight option on the back panel, you may utilise the double or triple tap feature to access the camera, notification centre, control centre, and a variety of additional tasks.Apple included the accessibility feature in iOS 14 for the first time. Many such accessibility capabilities are provided by the tech behemoth to accommodate vision, hearing, physical, and motor demands.

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