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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Meet Nikunj Agarwal who received accolades globally for his ventures | Companies News

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In today’s society, where everything revolves around the internet, revolution has finally changed this era into the digitalization era. Many individuals spend their days on the internet, reading through social media, working, visiting news sites, or doing anything else that requires internet access. The majority of today’s kids spend their leisure time on the internet without fear of wasting it. As an example, a young adolescent boy used the internet as bait and decided to become an entrepreneur, investing his time and effort in his businesses.

Nikunj Agarwal is Udaipur’s youngest entrepreneur. ” Digitary ” was started by Nikunj, a 17-year-old digital marketer.

Nikunj, who was a teenager at the time, never questioned the presence of the internet and how deeply it is ingrained in our life. He, like many other teenagers, wanted to research and access the internet. Nikunj is constantly drawn to the web because of its versatility and vast amount of knowledge.

He decided to take advantage of this and pondered starting a business on his own. That is also the point at which he began Digitary. He used the internet to learn more about his industry. Nikunj considers the internet to be his instructor in order to complete the calculations in question and much more.

Nikunj stated that he was fortunate enough to have all of the necessary resources to start something fresh. It’s all about making the most of what you have and working harder to make it a success.

He took use of the pandemic’s time to study more about his career and how he could make required changes to better serve his customer. He took various digital marketing classes in order to learn new things every day and to improve his ability to innovate.


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