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Milkomore, Kapila Krishi Udyog Strengthening Distributor and Retail Network despite Global Pandemic – CEO Saurabh Shivhare | India News

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Kapila Krishi Udyog Limited of Kapila Agro Group is a pioneering name in the agro-industry. The name has led to an emergence of business advancement and continuity in agriculture networks across India.

The company, since its inception, has been working towards widening up its distribution and retail market system with an effort to help the agriculture industry grow robust.

In the interim, Global Pandemic triggered by Covid-19 was a serious matter of concern for all. Every industry went through an unexpected drop in demands and supply curve with agro-industry not being an exception. Competing challenges and the struggle for resilience was the agenda for Kapila Agro Group as well.

Surprisingly, Kapila Agro Group triumphed over all its challenges and weaved every agro-industry in an inter-connected network. The company’s core focus is to strengthen the distribution and retail network of all the parties involved in agriculture despite the global pandemic and the lockdown.

Kapila Group’s Achievements during Global Pandemic

Taking a lead in producing cattle feed in India, with currently having its agro units successful and running far-reaching across all states is a proud moment.

Over the past few years, Kapila Agro Group has brought 800+ distributors and retailers into its broad network, streamlining the business operations, leading the company to produce 1600mT of cattle feed per day.

Kapila Agro Group maintained its business continuity despite the global pandemic while respecting and complying with the social distancing measures during and after nationwide lockdown.

The company made it possible with its exposure and optimum utilisation of advanced technology. Every individual out of a total of 800+ distributors and retailers in the Kapila Agro Group network were connected via innovative digital approaches to ensure demands from the public, farmers, and animals were fulfilled on time.

The company establishes a close relationship with its farmers as well.

How do Distributors and Retailers benefit from Kapila Group?

More than 800 distributors, retailers, and agents benefit from Kapila Group’s technology-power and agro-centric vision. All across north-India, Kapila Agro Group made its products available through its major mass-manufacturing units in the area.

Kapila Krishi Udyog serves Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. One can Find Kapila Group producing agro-products every day in the desired amount, like the Milkmore Pashu Ahar.

Kapila Krishi Udyog Limited (KKUL) extracted favoured results during the Pandemic. CEO Mr. Saurabh Shivhare – an IIT graduate, is significantly responsible for the company’s apt performance and benefits begetting our distributors and retailers.

During the global pandemic, the company made its supply chain easy to monitor via remote network via farmer and retailer support app Kapila. Social distancing continues to be maintained and all preventions are underway to tackle the rising challenges after a hard-hitting period of coronavirus.

Teaming up with People for Milkomore Pashu Ahar

Kapila Krishi Udyoga Ltd is dominating the agro-industry with its Milkomore Pashu Ahar supply. One can find an extensive list of products like Buffalo Special, Dairy Special, Uttam Pallet (Super), Santulit Pallet (Balance), Milkomore 3000/ 6000/ 8000/ 10000, Milkomore Choker and Milkomore Calf Feed each focused to cater the different requirements and needs of animals that have a significant contribution to the agriculture sector.

To ensure continuity and stability, the company collaborates with its broad network of farmers, retailers, and producers and inspires more people to join.

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